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Articles & Tutorials

The information and advice contained within these articles and tutorials are given in good faith. It should be born in mind that the subject matter is based on particular handler/dog partnerships and as no two people or dogs are exactly the same what works for one may not work for another. Only you can decide.

Recomended Reading Material

German Shorthaired Pointers Today:  David Layton

Training the Pointer-Retriever Gundog:  Michael Brander

Working Pointers:  Derek Knowles

Hunter-Pointer-Retriever, The Continental Gundog:  Tony Jackson

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Dogs for Work and Showing: Nigel Dear

A Gundog Handlers Guide To Picking Up:  Veronica Heath

Professional Gundog Training Explained:  Peter Everitt-Stewart

Training Retrievers:  Nigel Mann

Working Pointers and Setters:  David Hudson

Training Spaniels:  Joe Irving

The Working Springer Spaniel:  Keith Erlandson

Rough Shooting:  Mike Swan

Pigeon Shooter:  John Batley

The Nature of Game, with Holland & Holland:  Ben Hoskyns

A Dog Beside Me:  Arthur Cadman

  • Hunting Dog Know- How:  David Michael Duffy
  • Training Setters and Pointers For Field Trials:  John M Beazley, Alfred K Manners & Arnold C White-Robinson  N.B.  These final two books maybe out of print





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